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Repair Clinic

Are you curious about how to repair your flute or piccolo in case of an emergency?

Flute Specialists, Inc. is available to provide our free repair clinic that can include hands on opportunity to any university, college,
school, flute club, flute association or private studio.

This repair clinic is widely received as an exceptional opportunity for students, future instructors and future band directors as well as
seasoned players and educators to increase their capability for emergency repairs and technical knowledge of flutes and piccolo repair and

The unique hands-on opportunity will allow flutists of all ages to take a flute apart and reassemble it under the guidance of our clinicians.
You do not need to be mechanically-inclined to participate.

Founder of Flute Specialists, Robert Johnson, has presented this repair clinic across the country, including at two National Flute Association
Conferences, a National Suzuki Conference, Universities, and colleges, flute festivals, summer camps, workshops as well as junior high and high

We are also available for “house calls“-visiting your community, performing repairs and bringing instruments for testing without us having
to give the repair lecture.

Contact us to schedule your own presentation for your studio visit.
Each of our staff of professional instructions are also available for clinics and sectionals.


Studio Classes

Private lessons are offered right here in our store. Lessons are the key to success in mastering an instrument. Individual attention gives
the student customized instruction on how to play the instrument properly and how to read and interpret the music. Lessons are for individuals
who are beginners, students who are struggling, band and orchestra members who are bored and want to play more or harder music, and even adults
who want to learn, learn again, or continue learning more. Lessons are typically weekly, and they can be taken long term or short
term (i.e. getting ready for solo and ensemble or an audition).

Our teachers are also available for sectional, master classes, and concerts. Flute specialists, Inc. host a recital every year to
give an opportunity for all students to perform as a soloist or with a group.



  • Miranda Browne
  • Gary Cooper
  • Kasey Martin
  • Heather Neuenschwander


  • Miranda Browne
  • Kasey Martin
  • Heather Neuenschwander


  • Gary Cooper
  • Kasey Martin


  • Karen Reedstrom


  • Gary Cooper
  • Sam Martin


  • Sam Martin


  • Timothy Ginn


  • Gary Cooper


Miranda Browne- Flute and Piccolo

Ms. Browne recently earned her Bachelor’s Degree in flute performance from Central Michigan University and performs locally as a soloist,
chamber ensemble member, and also with her classical guitarist duo partner. Miranda is a former student of the FS Studio and loves teaching
budding flutists of all ages and levels. Email:mbrowne1229@gmail.com(Tuesdays, Thursdays)

Gary Cooper- Flute, Trumpet, Saxophones, and Recorder

Well- known Metroi- Detroit jazz and classical musician performing as a featured soloist and ensemble player as a member of the North
Ridge Church praise and worship team as well as concert and club venues. Gary is available for instruction on improvisational flute,
trumpet and saxophone, as well as classical trumpet. Email:Garyjazz@juno.com9 By Appointment)

Timothy Ginn- Guitar

An Active recitalist performing solo and in chamber ensembles across Michigan, Tim is a graduate of Central Michigan University
with a degree in Bachelor of Science in Music with concentration in classical guitar ensemble. Performs frequently in duo with flutist
Miranda Browne as well as the Oakland University Guitar ensemble. Available for classical guitar instruction at all levels and beginning
and intermediate acoustic guitar. Tim is passionate about teaching guitarist of all musical backgrounds the fundamentals of musicianship
and interpretation.Timothyginn.com timginn@gmail.com ( By Appointment)

Kasey Martin- Flute and Piccolo

Ms. Martin currently holds orchestral positions with the Midland Symphony, Dearborn Symphony, and Southwest Michigan Symphony,
and performs with other groups throughout the area including the Toledo Symphony, Kalamazoo Symphony, and Detroit Symphony.
She is a flute instructor at the Steiner School in Ann Arbor and Madonna University in Livonia. She also serves as music director of the Flute Specialists Flute Choir and as a board member of the
Southeast Michigan Flute Association. Email:Kassiamartin@yahoo.com (Mondays, Fridays, & Saturdays)

Sam Martin- Clarinets (including Soprano, Eb, and bass) and all Saxophones

Mr. Martin is the principal clarinetist of the Rochester Symphony and the second clarinetist of the warm Symphony Orchestra.
He also performs regularly with orchestras and theaters pits throughout Michigan. He has played both clarinet and saxophones in
theater orchestras
including the Fox and Fisher Theaters in Detroit. He also performs as a soloist and with his wife Kassia Martin as
the Martin Wind Duo. Email:samallanmartin@yahoo.com (Mondays, Fridays & Saturdays)

Karen Reedstrom- Native American Flute

Mrs. Minto, Originally from Apache Junction Arizona, has been influenced by Native American culture since her earliest memories.
Her Father was a western artist and historian whose best friend was a senior Mohawk tribal chief who would instruct her on Indian ways and lore.
Mrs. Minto plays clarinet, trumpet, flute, Native American Flute, Piano and has two certificates from Flute haven, a Native Flute School,
one for being trained on the flute and the second as a flute instructor and flute circle facilitator. She has performed before live audiences
as a soloist or in a group and was a member of a Navy band. She has produced two music videos and is working on a Native American style music CD.
Email: kleereedstrom@gmail.com (Monday, Tuesday and Saturday)

Heather Neuenschwander – Flute and Piccolo

Mrs. Neuenschwander has a Master’s Degree in Flute Performance from Oakland University and Bachelor’s Degree in Music Education from
Wayne State University. A Former middle and high school band director, she now performs throughout Metro-Detroit and currently plays flute
and piccolo with the Michigan Philharmonic Orchestra. She also teaches at Oakland University in the Music Preparatory Division and
she is a board member of the Southeast Michigan Flute
Association. Email: heatheraneuenschwander@gmail.com (Monday, Tuesday and Saturday)

Natalie Pagel (Unsworth) – Flute

Mrs. Pagel is a flutist and educator in the metro Detroit area. She graduated Magna Cum Laude with a bachelor of Music Education
and Bachelor of Music in Flute Performance from Central Michigan University. Currently she is the assistant director of the Berkley
High School band program. The music teaching assistant at Anderson Middle School and 5th grade woodwind teacher at Burton Elementary.
She is passionate about the arts in society and arts
education. Email: pagel.natalie@gmail.com (Mondays through Wednesdays)